Building an at home gym



The Task: To create a home gym that allows you to improve or retain your fitness while during SIP and also keep it cheap as possible while financial security is at a low point.

1.  Pair of Dumbbells. A versatile bit of kit that’s for sure. Press, pull, squat, carry, pick up, put down, and swing.. you can do it all! Why not the kettlebell? That’s a close second but our experience it’s easier to grasp the technique of a DB Snatch vs the KB Snatch. Or the DB Clean vs KB Clean etc.. Other coaches may not agree, but that’s our thought.

A medium load HEX DB will work best. No HEX? No worries, get what you    can:

Female 10-25lbs

Male 15-45lbs

(If you’ve got the cash then buy a light pair and a heavy pair for variety of rep ranges/movements.)

We’ve put this first for a reason. If you can’t get anything else, just go for the pair of medium load DBs. Consider it a priority.

 2. Pullup Bar. This will allow us to work an extremely beneficial and foundational movement (the pullup) but also core exercises such as hanging knee raises or windshield wipers. If you haven’t yet got your first strict pullup then make sure to combine this with some decent resistance bands to perform lat development work.

What type?

Wall mounted: If you lack space but have a sturdy wall. Simple and effective. Does the job.

Tower Station: If you lack a sturdy wall but have space to spare. The added benefit here of being able to do dips too! Although the bars can be angled and/or foam coated which isn’t great.

Either way, if you can do a pullup with your legs fully extended, that’s fine. Not able to extend the legs fully? It isn’t a big drama, don’t worry too much.

3. Yoga Mat. You don’t want to f*ck your lovely floor up or equally your patio. Plus if you’re doing core work from the floor, you want to focus on technique, not the pain of doing a forearm plank on a wooden floor.

What? That’s it?

Yes! If you’re looking for general physical preparedness (GPP) aka general fitness. This will do you well. As coaches, we are confident in our ability to create a varied, fun, safe, and effective program with this kit. Whether that’s during SIP or longer term.

If you need help, send us a message and we’ll help with anywhere we can!

Now let’s go build that at-home gym!